The Academy

What is T.A.E Basketball?

"Team Arrington Elite Basketball is a educational and athletic performance academy with a hyper focus on capitalizing in personal and athletic growth. All of our athletes perform at different levels, and is empower to max out their daily potential. Our coach, Dari helps every athlete achieve this through clear communication, in-depth skill work and patience. Team Arrington Elite Basketball is built on a strict value, team work.

Our Coach


Development Specialist, Founder

Dari Arrington is 10 year athletic development professional. He brings a great sense of understanding, nurturing and discipline to his specialized ways of athletic development. He's played professional basketball and has coached numerous local basketball teams.

He began is athlectic journey in his hometown Chicago where his love for basketball was initiated. Growing up in the inner city many things appeared as a distraction but Arrington wouldn't let them stand in his way. Arrington was cut all 4 years in high school and never having the right opportunity to advance his skill set at a young age.

No mentors, brothers or successful family related athletes to help guide. Dari had a major catch-up task to hold up. He found a way. His collegiate recruitment came from his relentless work ethic to do what other athletes were not. Finding ways after ways to get noticed. Having very little network connections to be seen, a way was created. Dari carried that over to his professional lifestyle and now his Academy.

A truly gifted, smart, highly self motivated underrated athlete Arrington was. Even better, a true warrior. Dari is the athlete who embraces the underdog definition. He is committed to the value of education and the well being development of our youth. Dari Arrington is a true leader.