Natalie Keilholz

My 10 year old has been taking basketball lessons with coach D for the past 2 months and has loved his experience. His skills are improving quickly—he can now dribble and shoot with much more accuracy. I’m excited to see him progress over the next few months. Thanks Coach D!

Anthony Thompson

Coach D is an amazing basketball coach my son enjoys his time with coach D and I have already seen improvements in his skill set I highly recommend the TAE basketball academy!

Meg Pitts

Phenomenal basketball coach for young players! Our son wanted to improve his skills and develop overall basketball knowledge. Coach D is extremely gifted in pushing kids to work hard, creating excitement and motivation, and teaching in a way that resonates with young players. Can't recommend him highly enough!

Noah Ramaker

Best basketball training you can get. The coach knows everything you need to know to be a good coach and will put you through drills that will actually make you better. Really glad I get to work with Dari.

Dana Keller

Dari worked with my boys for a couple years at his TAE Basketball Academy. Dari is an amazing trainer, and knows what skills and drills are going to best improve a player's performance. He is also a mentor - encouraging hard work towards academic improvement and being the best you can be. He leads by example by never giving up and will inspire your kid to do the same.

Carmen Polzin

Coach Dari is awesome ! He makes workouts fun and productive. He has excellent tips and tricks for improving my game and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my playing.

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